These Posters Show The Darker Side Of Brazil

Kama Sutra-inspired posters raise awareness of an unlikely topic in Brazil.

Every year Brazil’s police are responsible for killing about 2,000 people. While Rio’s police are most trigger-happy, lax laws against law enforcement authorities allow the police to be extremely violent across the country.

Though FIFA 2014 has ended with Germany lifting the cup, its bitter consequences are still fresh in the people’s minds.

For the past year, Brazil has been in the spotlight for its raging protests against the World Cup. Citizens have been outraged at the exorbitant amount of money being spent on the sporting event while education and healthcare in the country are neglected. In order to expand football fields and make arrangements for the international event, various cities in the country have seen entire slums razed and forced evictions, leaving people unsettled and homeless.

To control the outrage on the streets against this, police have used tear gas, rubber pellets, sticks and guns to threaten and disperse protestors.

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To raise their voice against the harsh treatment of protestors by the police, #Kamasurra designers, Gabriel Morais, Renato Botelho and Bruno Pereira have intentionally given a twisted outlook to the various positions in posters instead of the original ones.

Kama Sutra is an ancient Sanskrit text widely considered to be the standard work on human sexual behavior.

The designers explained, “Instead of portraying couples making love, we see policemen spreading hate, while abusing protestors.”

Porrete Depth

Brazilian Artists Kama Sutra

Sentendo CacatBrazilian Artists Kama Sutra

The protests that were carried out were peaceful until the police intervened and violently dragged and attacked many to disperse the masses.

Hand-Cuffed Rear

Brazilian Artists Kama Sutra

What is most disturbing about these images is the sadistic pleasure the policeman bearing a smile demonstrates as the protestor cries in pain and fear.

Armada Press

Brazilian Artists Kama Sutra

Interspersed Pressure

Brazilian Artists Kama Sutra

Pepper Interlaced

Brazilian Artists Kama Sutra

The positions have also being given a title in accordance with the posture and tool used similar to the names of different positions in the original Kama Sutra. 

The artists are encouraging people to share these posters. 

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