Breaking: 1st RAF Attacks Against Islamic State Targets

The strikes supported Kurdish troops under attack.

The Ministry of Defense has released footage of RAF Tornado GR4 jets returning to their base in Akrotiri, Cyprus after conducting air strikes in north-west Iraq today.

Defense Secretary Michael Fallon confirmed that the Royal Air Force carried out its first air strikes against Islamic State targets. 

RAF patrols launched two attacks against a weapon position and an armed pick-up truck. The attacks supported Kurdish troops who were under attack from militants today.

Kurdish sources said the RAF strikes had helped them retake an "important border crossing" at Rabia near the border with Syria, the BBC's Clive Myrie tweeted.

The defense secretary said both Tornados had "returned safely to their base" in Cyprus.

The UK Parliament voted to back British participation in air strikes against Islamic State extremists in Iraq late last week. 

Yesterday, the 5th RAF Iraq mission ended with 'no reports' of bombing


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