BREAKING DEVELOPMENTS: Protests in Egypt over Economy, Corruption

Stay tuned for live updates as the story develops. Thousands of protesters spilled into the streets of Cairo on Tuesday, an unprecedented display of anti-government rage inspired in part by the tumult in the nearby North African nation of Tunisia.

4:45 PM:

While the violence and protesting has subsided from Tahrir Square, it has started to expand outward to other areas in Egypt. Pierre Sioufi recently uploaded these photos of Tahrir square to Facebook:


4:00 PM:

"We are all Khaled Said" reports that fighting has broken out all across Tahrir square:

Street fighting between police firing rubber bullets and tear gas and sitting inside their armourd vehicles with bare handed protesters defending themselves and standing against these armourd vehicles...

As the owner of the 'We are all Khaled Said" page goes to sleep, he leaves the community with one final thought:

Good night everyone. A kind request to our international supporters: Make your voice heard, tell your representatives and members of parliament that you do not wish for your government to support dictatorships like Mubarak's.

The protests continue to wage on. Violence has now disrupted the peaceful protests as police forces are becoming desperate to to end the unrest. Al Jazeera has compiled this footage of the day's events:


3:00 PM:

The Facebook page "We are all Khaled Said" has recently reported that police have hired criminals to dress in plain clothes and attack protesters in Tahrir square. Here is an image of what the the square looked like earlier in the night:

Al Jazeera has also reported that police have started to attack the protesters, who are participating in a peaceful sit-in.

Many protesters are fainting from the amount of teargas used (more than 60 cannons so far) and police is attacking everyone and randomly arresting people in side roads. Shame on you. Shame on you.

Breaking News now on Aljazeera: Police is attacking the Tahrir square sit-in. they are firing very intense tear gas to try to break the protest. Sky News breaking news: more than 50 cannons of tear gas just fired now on Tahrir protesters

Posted on We are all Khaled Said Facebook page

Even with the violence and extreme tactics to get protesters to disperse, a large portion of the crowd still remains steadfast.


12:27 PM:

Two protester deaths have been announced on the Egyptian opposition el-Shaheed's Facebook page. Also, news outlets have reported that a police officer has also been killed.

From the el-Shaheed's Facebook page titled "We are all Khaled Said:"

Suliman Saber Ali is the second victim in Suez. Egyptian Police opened fire on protesters killing him and Mustafa Reda.

Many facebook users have responded to these updates with their own comments. Upon hearing the news of these two casualties, Tina Liss replied:

every dead one is one too much but at least its a small solace to know that these brave men died for a good thing and maybe history is written with their blood...


12:00 PM:

Watch this video showing a protester attempting to stop a truck with a water cannon from moving forward to the more populated areas:


11:35 AM:

While Twitter remains down in Egypt, protesters have started using proxy servers to post to Twitter. Activity on Facebook is still strong. The most recent post on Facebook announced an unverified casualty:

the fall of the first martyrs in the Suez "Mustafa Reda" 20 years old was shot in the heart
Jabir bin Abdullah, may Allah be pleased with them; said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "The Lord of the martyrs Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib, and a man who stood up before an unjust, ordered him and forbade him, killing him."

Translated from Arabic to English by Google Translate


10:53 AM:

The protests were organized using a Facebook fan page that is being updated every few minutes.

The page is titled:
January 25 Revolution Day on torture, poverty, corruption and unemployment

The page describes their slogan:

Slogan of the day: Live - freedom - human dignity

And your honor Iablde cloud and infect!!

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8:00 AM:

(Washington Post)
The protests were organized on Facebook and Twitter, though reports are now surfacing that Twitter is being blocked in Egypt.

Vodafone Egypt seems to confirm the news that Twitter has been blocked:

vodaphone egypt tweet about twitter being down in egypt

3:00 AM:


Protesters attempting to storm the parliament:

Thousands of protesters spilled into the streets of Cairo on Tuesday, an unprecedented display of anti-government rage inspired in part by the tumult in the nearby North African nation of Tunisia.
Throngs in the sprawling city marched from the huge Tahrir Square in Cairo toward the parliament building, according to CNN reporters on the scene.

Demonstrators threw rocks at police and police hurled rocks back. Tear-gas canisters were shot at demonstrators and the protesters threw them back.

Protest organizers said they hope to capture the regional momentum for political change set by Tunisians, who 10 days ago forced the collapse of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's 23-year rule.
The grievances were foreshadowed after several Egyptians set themselves or attempted to set themselves on fire earlier this month, mirroring the self-immolation of a Tunisian man whose action spurred the uprising there.

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