BREAKING: Obama Expected To Pick Denis McDonough For Chief OF Staff

President Obama is widely expected to select Denis McDonough to be his next chief of staff, assuming Jack Lew, Obama's current chief of staff, is confirmed as Treasury Secretary. So who is McDonough, and why did he get the job?

Denis McDonough, the U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor is widely assumed to be the replacement for Jack Lew (nominated to be the Treasury Secretary) as President Obama's Chief of Staff. McDonough, 43, has been with the President since Obama was the junior senator from Illinois. As tends to be the case with Obama's appointees, McDonough is a personality match for the Obama White House. According to Politico's Mike Allen, West Wingers would be "stunned if it was anybody else."

“He’s definitely in the ‘No-Drama Obama’ camp,” says Jim Manley, a former top staffer for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. “He’s prone to an occasional epithet à la Rahm [Emanuel, Obama’s former chief of staff], but he’s not even close in that category. He’s not a soft touch either.”

McDonough's selection rewards years of loyalty:

“Denis has been one of the people the president has most trusted and depended on,” Bill Burton, Obama’s former deputy press secretary, said. “He is extraordinarily talented, extremely intelligent and unbelievably loyal in a town where loyalty is not always rewarded.”

Obama is known to trust McDonough as much as any of his closest advisors, and over the years, the two have developed a very close working relationship. Indeed, there are few with in the Obama Administration that the President is as comfortable with as he is with McDonough.

McDonough is known among insiders for biking to work every day in rain, shine, snow or hail, saying that that's when he does his best thinking.

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