BREAKING: Paula Broadwell Had Classified Information On Her Computer

In the latest twist to the ongoing saga, reports have come out that Paula Broadwell, former mistress and biographer of David Petraeus, had significant amounts of classified information on her laptop.

Paula Broadwell, biographer and former mistress of General David Petraeus, reportedly had classified information on her laptop. While Broadwell was authorized to have access to certain information, she was required to have it better secured, according to law enforcement and national security officials. The content and the storage of the information is still under investigation, but officials were alarmed at the sheer quantity of classified information on Broadwell’s computer, according to Reuters. It is unclear how she acquired the information, but both she and Petraeus have denied that it came from Petraeus.

Criminal charges against Broadwell are unlikely, but so are any hopes that this scandal is going to disappear anytime soon.

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