BREAKING: Poll Observers Draw Complaints From Voters

Poll observers are busy making trouble as people try to vote. Are they civic-minded folks watching out for our democracy or conservatives trying to disenfranchise minorities to defeat Obama?

Overzealous poll observers are already making waves and headlines as they aggressively question the integrity of voters who are lining up to cast their ballot in today’s presidential election. The police were called to deal with a situation involving aggressive poll observers in Wisconsin, and observers were kicked out in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The insidious question is always if they are actually trying to serve democracy or affect the results of the poll to swing the election for Mitt Romney.

And that’s a good thing. These poll observers come from both sides of the political spectrum, but the most active ones are Tea Partiers connected to organizations such as True the Vote. The specter of voter fraud is little more than an excuse for conservatives to attempt to suppress the vote, especially in minority neighborhoods, which tend to vote Democrat. While I’m sure many of these poll observers think that they are protecting the sanctity of our democracy, and perhaps once in a while they do, but voter fraud is rare. What’s tragically less rare is white people making it more difficult for minorities to represent themselves in our democracy. It might not be fraud, but it is despicable. The next administration, whoever is at the helm, ought to clean up our voting system so these tactics, along with voter roll purges and other shenanigans we have come to expect from the GOP get ironed out of the system.

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