BREAKING: Richard Engel Missing In Syria

NBC foreign correspondent is reportedly missing in Syria. Engel, well known for his brave, often groundbreaking journalism, has not been seen since Thursday.

Richard Engel of NBC, one of the world's most famous and respected foreign correspondents, is reportedly missing in Syria. Little is known, other than that Engel and Turkish reporter Aziz Akyavas. also working for NBC in Syria, have both been missing since Thursday. Richard Engel has been praised in the past for putting himself in dangerous situations to provide reporting. Journalists in Syria, especially those critical of the repressive Assad regime are by no means safe, and many fear the worst for Richard Engel and Aziz Akyavas.

Another Turkish journalist in Syria, Cuneyt Unal, was recently released after being held by the Syrian government for three months. Richard Engel had been in Egypt, covering the civil unrest there, before shifting to Syria last week.

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