This Teacher Made His Student Unclog A Toilet With Bare Hands

What’s happening to our schools? Imagine a teacher treating a student this way and getting away with it!

Student Unclog Toilet

Artie and Lisa Adams, parents of a third-grader, were shocked when their son told them his teacher had made him unclog a blocked toilet with his bare hands.

“He said everything was good, but my teacher made me put my hand inside the toilet. We were like, what?!” Artie told KEPR TV.

"I'm still speechless," parent Lisa Adams said.

Unbelievable, but true – this actually happened. The teacher, Brent Taylor, confirmed the whole tale.

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The incident occurred at the Scootney Springs Elementary School in Othello, Washington. 

The third-grader said he reported the clog and teacher told him to clear it with his bare hands.

The parents, obviously outraged, made a complaint to the school. The principal reprimanded the teacher, a 23-year teaching veteran and asked him to review a hygiene course. The parents think the action isn’t stern enough and the teacher Brent Taylor deserves serious punishment.

Upon digging deeper in to the matter, KEPR found that the teacher has had several reprimands, which were nothing more than slaps on the wrist, for disorderly and inappropriate behavior.

“The other two involved inappropriately touching female high school students. Records show Taylor was put on leave last year after a teacher's aide reported he roughly grabbed her arm in anger.

"And earlier this school year another TA reported feeling uncomfortable when she said Taylor tickled the back of her neck. This incident was also mentioned in the letter of reprimand that was given for the barehanded toilet unclogging,” writes Davis Wahlman for KEPR TV.

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he way the school administration has been dealing with Mr. Taylor’s behavior is actually quite disturbing. Othello Superintendent George Juarez, contacted by reporters on the matter, said he felt the school’s action was sufficient.

Strange isn’t it?

Student Unclog Toilet

Earlier this year, Time magazine got a barrage of negative feedback when it covered a story on how impossible it was to fire a bad teacher. There was even a petition against the cover of the issue that offended many.

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The boy has since been transferred to another school. One can only imagine the kind of trauma the 8-year-old went through – and the vigorous hand-scrubbing his parents no doubt demanded.

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