Brian Manning To Anderson Cooper: In My Heart I Believe Bradley Is Innocent (VIDEO)


Bradley Manning’s father appeared on CNN on Tuesday night and discussed his son’s sentence with Anderson cooper saying that he believes in his heart his son is innocent.

Cooper asked Brian Manning when he heard the news of his son's conviction over 20 counts, what exactly went through his mind at that point. To which Bradley’s father replied, “I was relieved to know that he had taken that one charge out that [aiding the enemy charge]”

“… I was a little relieved about that, but then I still did the math in my head and said well, if he was sentenced to all the other crimes, it'd still be - you know, he'd be 90 to 100 years old before he ever saw the light of day and it was - it kind of upsetting and frightening, you know, that your son is being accused of these horrible breaches of security,” continued Brian Manning.

The host then asked his guest whether he still believed his son was used as a scapegoat and that he had not leaked classified US information. Manning answered, “In my heart I believe that,” adding that he believed his son was innocent and that he wondered if perhaps “someone tried to turn the tables on him" after Bradley struck a co-worker.”

Brian Manning also said if he could get a chance to meet his son he would say to him that hat ‘he had no excuse whatsoever for allegedly releasing that information.’

The interview ended with Bradley Manning’s father saying, “I still love my son.”

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