Bridal Shop Goes Out of Business. Visit From Nurse With Ebola To Blame

The Dallas nurse with Ebola visited the store while planning her wedding.

Amber Vinson is the Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola when treating Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to die of the virus in America. 

With permission from the CDC, before she had symptoms, she hopped on a plane to Cleveland. She went there to plan her wedding and her trip included a shopping for a wedding dress at the Akron store "Coming Attractions" . 

The news of that visit caused such widespread alarm that the store voluntarily closed for a 21-day quarantine. But that wasn't enough for wedding dress shoppers. 

The owner, Anna Younker, made this announcement on Facebook:

"I am sad to announce that Coming Attractions Bridal & Formal is being forced to wind down its operations after thirty years of service due to the devastating effect that recent events have had on our business. Despite our best efforts, we simply have been unable to recover."

It should be noted that there were NO traces of Ebola in the store. The Center for Disease Control and Summit County Public Health advised her she didn't need to close the store but she took the extra precaution anyway. 

Several customers asked for refunds for dresses already purchased, including one for $2,000. Another said family members told her they would be afraid to hug her if she wore the dress she bought at the store. Wacky calls came into the store including one person who asked if someone died of Ebola inside the store.

To add insult to injury, the store owner received a letter from Vinson's attorney asking for a refund of her $479.89 deposit on four bridesmaid dresses. The attorney wrote:

"Amber's Ebola infection brought significant attention to Coming Attractions, not all of it positive [...] In order to minimize additional public scrutiny, Amber has decided that it would be best if she used another bridal shop for her bridesmaids' dresses, and kept it strictly confidential."

Best of luck to Younker as she tries to recover from her store closing. 

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