This Man Stays Healthy Despite Eating 20,000 Calories In A Single Meal

“It’s a discipline though — you know you can’t eat that much every day because if you do, you’ll get fat and probably die,” says the competitive eater.

Can you eat 20,000 calories in once every five days and still stay healthy? Probably not.  But according to Britain’s top competitive eater, it is very much possible — all you need is discipline.

Professional competitive eater Adam Moran consumes almost 20,000 calories every five days either for a competition or for a video for his YouTube page.  

He insists that his diet is balanced and healthy.

The 31-year- old eats in very little quantities before his competitions.

“All I’ll eat is a little yogurt, a couple of protein shakes and some fruit in the days following a binge,” Moran told The Independent.

Adam Moran

He explained that after consuming so many calories in one go, one does not feel hungry the very next day, but after sometime you tend to feel hungry because your stomach has been stretched.

“It’s a discipline though — you know you can’t eat that much every day because if you do, you’ll get fat and probably die,” he said.

Moran is an extremely fit foodie who exercises to stay in shape; in fact he became fitter after he started competitive eating.

However, everyone is not as genetically gifted as Moran; he discovered his ability when his girlfriend suggested trying a Man vs. Food Challenge at a local diner.

Though gifted, the enormous meal eater believes anyone can stretch their stomach, like most of the eating champions. 

Adam Moran

Moran goes for a huge but low-calorie meal once a week with dishes like chicken salad, chili with vegetables or yogurt. 

“I can eat about 10-12 lbs of food like that,” he explained.

His friends naturally get concerned about his health.

“Holy cow mate. You need to really take care. That's an incredible volume of food. I would prefer you as a live friend than a dead one,” writes Tony Virr on Facebook.

“Don't panic...I'm a professional,” he responded.


The binge eater, while commenting on the dark side of competitive eating, said, “Not many people know about it but there’s a dark side to the sport.”

“A lot of the old school competitors used to train with just water and they’d drink three gallons at once, maybe four times a day, which can kill you.”

The food enthusiast also revealed his trick that involves eating protein before carbs, and pouring a glass of water over his enormous meal. 

“It’s a bit gross but for the sake of winning an eating challenge, anything goes really,” he exclaimed.

Adam Moran

Moran has the ability to take in 7 lbs. of food and go about his day normally, but tends to get tired if the challenge is intense.

“I might lie down afterwards and it’s crucial to drink loads of water to, um, make sure everything digests properly,” he said

He keeps his fans updated about his eating challenges, and even asks them for suggestions.  



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