British Couple Stuck In The U.S. With A Huge Hospital Bill They Cannot Afford

What a story this little boy is going to hear about how he was born!

british couple stranded us

A British couple, Katie Amos and Lee Johnston, got the surprise of their lives when she went into premature labor 11 weeks before the due date.

But joy over newborn son Dax and fear over his very early arrival is now coupled with a travel nightmare: The birth resulted in a huge, and growing, hospital bill as well as the couple being stuck for some time in the Big Apple.

The engaged couple had no idea that their five-day vacation would turn into a financial nightmare. They're saddled them with a $200,000 hospital bill for the birth of Dax, along with other expenses due to medical complications.

Born at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York and weighing 3 pounds, Dax remains in neonatal intensive care and will likely remain hospitalized until March 10. The doctors have advised the extended period given how premature he was at birth.

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While traveling often comes with some kind of insurance, premature births and hospital bills as large as this are not covered. Dax already has his own Facebook page "Dax’s Tale of New York," which also acts as a crowdfunding site to raise money to support the family’s stay in the U.S.

So far, their story has raised enough attention in all the right ways. British model Katie Price has highlighted their cause on Twitter. The Facebook page has amassed more than 10,000 likes and they’ve received £5000 worth of donations.

It’s been reported that the Lincolnshire couple is staying at a charity Ronald McDonald house while Dax remains at the hospital in Manhattan.

Expensive health care is a concern for many American citizens – and also for some tourists who happen to go into premature labor while on vacation.

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