New ISIS Video Proves Europe Has A Jihadi Extremist Issue

New ISIS video features a British jihadi vowing to "chop off Westerners' heads."

There's a new rant from ISIS - and this one is particularly chilling.  A fresh video was released last night featuring three jihadists from Germany, France and the UK. None of the men in the clip wear masks, only three speak. 

A British jihadist with a London accent appears and vows to chop off the heads of any coalition soldiers who fight the jihadists. 

"We will chop off the heads of whoever you bring!" He waves his arms wildly and continues, "We will chop off the heads of the Americans, chop off the heads of the French!"

He insists that ISIS will not lose the battle against the West because they are backed by God. "Know that we are fighting to die... and know that you are fighting for this world and that this is nothing to us."  He also claims that air strikes against his group "only strengthen us, and give us more purpose to be here". 

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U.S. and Arab warplanes continue to hit targets inside Kobane to force an ISIS retreat.  The jihadists are believed to have lost control of 20 per cent of the neighborhoods they held. 

Last night Pentagon Spokesman Read Admiral John Kirby said that hundreds of militants have been killed by airstrikes in Kobane, 39 strikes were in the last two days alone.

The bombing raids have enabled Kurdish troops to reclaim large areas of that city, allowing several hundred Kurdish civilians to flee the city. Despite the gains, Kirby insisted the battle for Kobane is far from over.  An increasing number of militants have arrived in the city in recent days, confirming ISIS's determination for the city to fall.


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