Woman Tries To Get Kylie Jenner's Pout, Gets This Monstrosity Instead

Brittany Forster bought CandyLipz when blogs told her it was the brand Jenner used. She was in for a surprise!

A 24-year-old student from Perth, Australia, hoping to achieved Kylie Jenner's pouty full lips had her dreams shattered by CandyLipz, a lip enhancer.

Brittany Forster - Here is Kylie Jenner showing off her sassy pout

Brittany Foster did her research and decided to subject her lips to CandyLipz, a brand most beauty blogs claim Jenner uses. But the results weren’t quite as expected, as the enhancer inflated her lips beyond recognition, leaving her with a "trout pout" and then some.

Brittany Forster lip enhancer

Two of her friends caught her failed enhancer experiment, and her horrified reaction, on camera.

But while the whole Internet cringed at the sight of her bruised lips, CandyLipz Australia gleamed with pride.

"My, she got huge lips, we love it," a spokesperson said.

CandyLipz has since claimed that such swelling is common and will diminish within seven days.

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