Brooklyn Deli Rebrands As Hipster Heaven When Faced With Rent Spike

Amna Shoaib
Hipsters reportedly experienced hysterical fits of joy with the introduction of curated extension wire and grass-fed tuna. Or they would have if joy wasn't so mainstream.

Crazy rent hikes in Brooklyn cause the premature demise of many longtime shops, forcing them either to relocate, close or lower their profit margins just to stay in business. But not this one.

Jesse & Co. Market Place, a deli whose landlord raised the rent by an unbelievably high amount of $6,000, needed to find a way to pay for the increased expenses. So it did what many other retailers around the country are doing – selling the same products, with the same ingredients, in new, fancy, unnecessarily ~artisanal~ names.


Great local deli, Jesses going out of Busness. Rent hike to blame. Having fun with posters #jessespricedout

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Remember Jesse & Co. for all of your artisanal roach bombs, grass-fed tuna and vegan cat food needs.

The deli has been around since 1983, and owner Mohamad Itayim has been paying $4,000 a month in rent for the last five years. So when the landlord slammed a $6,000 raise – yes that's $10,000 a month in rent now – Itayim had this ingenious idea of selling the same products with hipster buzzwords. The posters excitedly claim that the new prices are "2.5 times the prices storewide." Just like Itayim's new rent.

Despite these claims, however, customers pay the normal prices when they check out.

As hipsters flock to the deli, presumably to look for gluten-free flour, Itayim has still not received a response from the landlord.