Bruce Jenner Involved In Fatal Accident. Blames Paparazzi

Was the celebrity, as he claims, really being followed?

Bruce Jenner, former husband of the Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner, was involved in a fatal car accident that left one dead and several injured in Malibu.

A damaged vehicle is pictured at the scene of a four-car crash involving Olympic gold medalist and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner in Malibu, California

Jenner is an Olympic gold medalist and the Kardashian family patriarch. He escaped from the crash unhurt and was made to take a roadside sobriety test by the officers on the scene in the wake of the horrific collision. It is believed that Jenner passed the test.

Bruce Jenner is believed to have been fleeing from the paparazzi who were trying to chase him.

Numerous celebrities have had more than their fair share of unfortunate encounters with the paparazzi. The bane of fame, paparazzi are ready to pounce on any part of a celebrity's daily life that spike the sales of their tabloids.

In 2013, Nicole Kidman was hit by a photographer on a bicycle who was furiously clicking away at his camera. Justin Bieber is a prime example, who regularly gets into beefs with these photographers. And who can forget perhaps the most tragic case of paparazzi pursuing celebrities, when in 1997 the world lost the beautiful Diana as the princess tried to shake paparazzi off her trail.

The former husband of Kris Kardashian has sparked a nationwide debate on sexuality in the last couple of months. Prior to the accident, Bruce was in the news for his apparent transition - something which to this day, remains a rumor.

Saturday would then have been just another day in the life of Jenner, who claims that he was being followed by paparazzi. Towing a trailer,  Jenner rear-ended a white Lexus sedan ahead of him. The sedan spun into upcoming traffic and was hit by a Hummer H2.

The collision left the driver of the Lexus dead. Although it has been confirmed that the person driving the Lexus was a woman in her 70s, believed to be a neighbor of the Kardashians, no other details about the deceased have been revealed to the public.

Seven other people involved in the crash were taken to hospital. Bruce has since claimed that paparazzi are to be held culpable for the accident. Although paparazzi might have been present at the scene, there is no evidence of them having caused the accident, as Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Lt. John Lecrivain confirms.

"There was a possibility that paparazzi was following him at the time of the crash, but that is a very regular occurrence, and (there is) no indication at this time it was a contributing factor of the crash."

A lot of elements will have to be taken into account, the alleged presence of the paparazzi and the role they played, and the stress Jenner must have been going through at the time, after the flak he received over his recent decisions that might have pushed him over the limits. The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department is investigating the incident.

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