Buddhist Monks Criticized In Thailand For Lavish Behavior (VIDEO)


Watching this video is just amazing. Though there isn’t much happening in it but just the way the Buddhist monks behave in it is amazingly bizarre. So what are they doing that is so bizarre? Nothing much, they are just like ordinary travelers on airline. Except that they are not! They are monks! Monks that have luxury items (aviator sunglasses, luxury brand travel bag and wireless headphones) on them and have no qualms in using them while flying on a private jet!

Now doesn’t that go against what they believe in and stand for?

Thailand's Buddhism body said it is monitoring monks nationwide for any inappropriate behavior after a video showed monks using luxurious personal items while flying on a private jet.

According to director-general Nopparat Benjawatananun of Office of National Buddhism, "When Lord Buddha was alive, there wasn't anything like this. There were no cars, smart phones or cameras, so the rules were much simpler…While the monks need to keep themselves abreast of new knowledge, current events and technology, they are restrained to choose the appropriate tools."

Well, that explains it!

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