Burger King Employee Outwits Armed Robbers With Genius Move

Would you like some clever crime prevention with that Whopper? A clever Burger King employee outwitted armed robbers in his restaurant.

burger king, armed robbery, employee, carA Burger King employee turned into a hero when two armed robbers came into his restaurant in Stockton, CA, brandishing guns and demanding all the register cash, plus a couple of whoppers (I made that part up, but it would be a little disappointing if they didn't, right?). So, what did the employee do? Wrestle them to the ground? Fight them off with plastic utensils and ketchup packets? Lure them into the deep fryer? No, because all of those action movie stunts will get you killed in real life.
Instead, the employee slipped out the back door and spotted the robbers' getaway car. It was distinctive for being on, unlocked and unmanned. Fighting crime was never so easy: the Burger King employee of the day got in the car, drove off and parked it a ways away from the Burger King. The thieves, now without their vehicle, had to leave on foot. They hid in a field, where they were eventually found by the police and apprehended.

It just goes to show, even people in menial jobs can have their day of glory, and if you are going to try to stop armed robbers, it's best to do so in a way that doesn't involve interacting with them.

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