Burly Biker Gangs Rise To Protect Towns During Flooding

Dramatic flooding in England has given looters a chance to pillage local homes and businesses. But local biker gangs have arisen to defend the defenseless.

Flooding has been running rampant in the Calderdale Valleys region of England. As a result, desperate and/or vindictive residents began to loot area homes and businesses. The police were stretched thin but, fortunately, help has arrived in a beautifully surprising form: Bikers.


Biker gangs from all over the Yorkshire region saw the damages that were being carried out and decided to rally their collective forces and lend a hand. Bikers are guarding businesses, homes, and helping authorities keep order with the full blessing of the local police forces.

“We saw people post on Facebook that they were trying to deter looters, and I thought who better to do that but 20-30 burly bikers,” Dave Cariss of The Drifters MCC told The Guardian. Cariss has been organizing the patrol with the chairman of his motorcycle club, Lloyd Spencer.

“We are not there to hurt anybody. We are not there to scare anybody. We are just there as a presence to deter people who are trying to take what’s not theirs,” Cariss said.

Spencer also wanted to reiterate that the goal of his crew’s involvement is one of safety and not violence.

“We spread out and go wherever needed. The police understood what we were doing. We are not there to offer anything physical. We just show our faces. Obviously we are not vigilantes. A lot of us are quite big, chunky lads, so that helps. We don’t have to really say anything, just turn up,” Spencer said.

Over 30 bikers from groups including Pyratz MCC, Broken Bones MCC and Nuntii Mortis MC are expected to gather at together and provide a watchful eye throughout the night.

“We are out until the early hours. Last night it was about 1am, and it will probably be the same tonight, We just drive, park, walk, drive, park, walk. With our torches, looking for anything suspicious,” Spencer said.

The presence of these burly bikers is helping restore order to an area of the world that could sorely use it right now and they have the thanks of a grateful community for their efforts. 

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Banner Image: Visitor7 on Wikimedia

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