Signs of Love, Welcome Interrupt Another Hateful Bus Blockade Against Immigrants

Pro-immigrant demonstrators outnumber people spewing hate at immigrant children in Arizona. Check out the photos.

It was supposed to go down like Murrieta, California. Protesters demonstrating against immigrants were supposed to gather to block incoming buses of immigrant minors in Oracle, Arizona. 

They were egged on by Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, who spent the past week stirring up dissent against the children and the plan to house them at Sycamore Canyon Academy. In a state with strict immigration laws, the bus blockade seemed like a done deal.

Then came the counter protesters. They came with posters of hearts and welcome to counter the hateful signs like "Return to Sender." A mariachi band even showed up to serenade the pro-immigration crowd. 

Soon, the pro group outweighed the anti-immigrants. Even if bus blockages become the new rage among xenophobes, this shows a counter protest can be just as powerful. 

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