Philly Officer Threatens Driver, Calls Him A "Fruitcake" On Videos

Amna Shoaib
Philadelphia Police Officer Matthew Zagursky tried to coax a driver into buying fundraiser tickets, and also uttered a homophobic slur.

A Philadelphia officer is in deep trouble after videos of him harassing and coaxing a driver and his friend went viral.

Got pulled today cop said buy these tickets or i take your car smh

Posted by Rob Stay Faded on Thursday, August 20, 2015

In the first video, Officer Matthew Zagursky is seen trying to sell tickets to a fundraiser to a not very enthusiastic driver. He then tries to intimidate the driver with, "Either you buy these or I take your car."

Akeem Abdul called me supporting breast canser gay smfh

Posted by Rob Stay Faded on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another video that surfaced online shows Zagursky's uttering hate speech. Inquiring about the driver's pink windshield wipers, Zagursky asks, "What's up with the fa**ot ass wipers?"

"Breast cancer, man – my grandma went through it," the driver explains, to which Zagursky remarks that they make him look like a fruitcake.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsay has taken disciplinary action against Zagursky, who is a veteran of nine years.