Cabdriver Finds $300,000 And What He Did Next Might Surprise You

A Las Vegas cabdriver found $300,000 in his cab earlier this week and didn't keep a dollar.

When he first saw the brown paper bag Monday morning, Las Vegas cabdriver Gerardo Gamboa guessed someone had left chocolate in his backseat.

Out of curiosity, he eventually looked in the bag and found a lot of cash. $300,000 to be exact, reported the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Gamboa didn't hesitate when he found the cash. He called his company, Yellow Checker Star Transportation, and turned in the money. Eventually, it was discovered the money was left by a prominent poker player, who hasn't been publicly named.

A manger at Yellow Checker Star Transportation said it was the most money ever left in a cab in his 32 years on the job.

“Even though I am a poor guy, I don’t need money that doesn’t belong to me,” Gamboa said. "Tomorrow I go back to work."

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