Cab Driver Gets A Very Generous Tip For A Two Minute Ride

A deserving cab driver in Philadelphia got a surprising tip after giving an anonymous man a two minute ride.

Oumar Maiga, a cab driver in Philadelphia, waited a whole month to tell his story to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

Maiga picked up an anonymous man and the two had a pleasant conversation on the two minute drive together. The man told Maiga how he thought cab drivers have a very tough job.

Right after, the man handed Maiga the payment for the fare-$4.31, as well as a generous tip of nearly $1,000.

Maiga told the man that he thought there was a mistake, and didn't totally believe what happened until his check cleared a month later.

The man said to Maiga, "I'm going to take care of you", and that is certainly what this kind man did.

Maiga's boss, Everett Abitbol, told news sources that Oumar Maiga was a nice man and well deserving of his tip. He has been with the company, Freedom Taxi, for nearly four years and is a very reliable man.

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