Iowa Neighborhood Comes Together For Muslim Hate Crime Victim [VIDEO]

The lesson is loud and clear: Love and tolerance can exist amid the most hateful of environments.

Tigani Mohamoud, a resident of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has been on the receiving end of vandalism and anti-Muslim hate messages.

Threats like "You will be killed here" have been appearing on the walls of the house he bought and has been remodeling. He often finds windows broken and things stolen from the house as well.

It is apparent that there are some people who do not want Mohamoud in their neighborhood. But those bigots don't speak for all of Cedar Rapids, and Lori Carlson, a resident of the same area, decided enough was enough. She wanted to extend a message of love.

Carlson and her friends organized a "love-in" at a local park with the theme "love thy neighbor" to show their support for not only Tigani Mohamoud but every victim of hate speech and crime. The event included social mingling, music, conversation and meditation.

The attack "just seemed really close to home," Carlson said. "We just wanted to show support in our community."

CAIR-Iowa executive director Miriam Amer said she wasn't surprised by the outpouring of support from Carlson and other Iowans.

"The people of Iowa are generally very welcoming," she said.

A GoFundMe page was also set up to help Mohamoud rebuild the house.

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