Tourists Navigate Chaos With Concern


Groups of U.S. tourists were stuck Saturday trying to find their way out of Egypt amid the chaos and violent protests that have seized the country.

American traveler Diane Kelley of Chicago described being "stranded" near the Cairo airport with her husband, Gaynor, and 14 other tourists, all waiting for departing flights.

"We've had so far two flights canceled and we're currently just waiting to see if we can get out of Cairo to any other place in the world, but it's very chaotic here," Kelley told CNN by phone, adding they are afraid for their safety if they go outside.

The father of one of their Egyptian guides was shot as the group, traveling with U.S. tour company Abercrombie & Kent, made their way to the airport, Kelley said. They don't know the man's condition, she said.

Gunshots could be heard in the streets, she said.

"I don't think anybody really feels 100 percent safe, but I think that we're much safer than the people who are in downtown Cairo right now," she said.

Kelley and others traveling with Abercrombie & Kent were staying at the Fairmont Heliopolis hotel close to the airport, Abercrombie spokeswoman Pamela Lassers told CNN. The company moved its travelers there from downtown Cairo so they could be ready for the first available flights out of the country, she said.