Calif. Wildfire Jumps Aqueduct, Approaches Homes

"A huge wildfire in the high desert wilderness north of Los Angeles jumped an aqueduct on Friday, rushing toward hundreds of houses as firefighters also tried to keep flames from damaging power lines that bring electricity to Southern California. Some 2,000 structures were threatened and 300 homes were evacuated, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said. Evacuations were lifted late Friday, but residents of about 500 homes in Rancho Vista were told to ""shelter in place"" until further notice so that roads remain clear for the movement of fire equipment, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said. Destiny Brown, 19, stood beside her family's tan Ford Taurus waiting for her mother and sisters to finish packing so they could leave their home in a smoke-clogged Delta Ridge subdivision on the outskirts of Palmdale. ""I never thought it would happen. I only thought it's on TV. It's really scary,"" the 19-year-old said of the flames that burned just out of sight. When their home filled with smoke, the family decided it was time to go. Brown said she was especially concerned about her 10-month-old brother who has asthma."