A Big Win For Anti-Fracking Activists In The Golden State

Here’s some good news for all those Americans who stand against the practice of hydraulic fracking.

California Fracking Ban

Here’s some good news for all those Americans who stand against the practice of hydraulic fracking.

During a California state convention, a ban on fracking was unanimously approved by a panel of Democratic leaders including Gov. Brown, State Attorney General Kamala Harris, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Although, Gov. Jerry Brown was willing to explore the option, an overwhelming majority of Democrats nevertheless moved to prohibit fracking in California for good.

Among other important issues such as an adjusted minimum wage and the legalization of medical marijuana, fracking was probably the most-debated issue across The Golden State.

Hydrofracking, also spelled fracing or fraccing, is defined as the process of drilling and injecting fluid at a high pressure to fracture shale rocks underneath the Earth’s surface in order to release trapped gas or crude oil.

California Fracking Ban

While “fracking” helps the natural gas and the petroleum industries bring more product to the market as a whole, it has generated much controversy over its use. The process raises grave environmental concerns and health risks caused by chemicals used in fracking fluid, including known carcinogens and toxins.

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Fracking is also widely considered as a cause of earthquakes. In September this year, an investigation published in Geophysical Research Letters confirmed that an oil drilling project in Pennsylvania and Ohio led to seismological instability.

California Fracking Ban

Disposal of the wastewater generated by fracking and by other types of oil and gas production is the ‘focal point’ for research into what scientists call ‘induced’ earthquakes,” British news agency Reuters stated in a report released last year.

While the U.S. government seeks “regulation” of the controversial technology, environmentalists want to ban the practice altogether.

For more information on the dangers of fracking, click here.

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