California Lawmakers Seek to End 'Personal Belief' Exemptions

California lawmakers will introduce legislation barring parents from exempting their children from school vaccinations because of personal beliefs.

In response to the widespread measles outbreak in California lawmakers announced on Wednesday they would introduce legislation ending parents’ right to exempt their children from school vaccinations.

California public health officials say 92 people have been diagnosed while a dozen other cases have been confirmed in 19 other U.S. states and in Mexico.

"The high number of unvaccinated students is jeopardizing public health not only in schools but in the broader community. We need to take steps to keep our schools safe and our students healthy,” state Senator Ben Allen said in a written statement.

Since the outbreak, resurgence in the anti-vaccination movement has led many parents to be skeptical of vaccinating their children. Yet as Allen so poignantly implies this is a public health concern meaning vaccinations should not be a personal choice, but a requirement.

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