Video Of Alleged Police Brutality Victim Shows What Really Happened

We're sure he is beating himself up now for trying this failed attempt to frame the police.

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Following his arrest on charges of stalking and first-degree sexual abuse last month, a Californian man named Robin Tomaszewski claimed that he was roughed up by Oregon police detectives while in their custody.

His two black eyes were real enough to convince anyone that he was another victim of needless police brutality. He swiftly filed a complaint and turned the tables on the said detectives, but unfortunately for him, CCTV footage from inside the jail shows that the man got the shiners by punching himself in the eyes.

Watch how Tomaszewski almost framed the police for a crime they didn't commit:

The video clearly shows the genius locked up in a jail cell and punching his own face. He later revealed that he did it thinking that the counter complaint against the police would get the charges against him dropped. Well, the plan backfired as our man got slapped with a $500 fine and 20 days of jail time in addition to the sentence facing him if he's convicted of the original charges.

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