California Supreme Court Rules, Will Hear Arguments On Standing

California’s Supreme Court has just released their ruling on standing in the federal Prop 8 case, deciding that they will hear arguments on whether or not “Yes On 8″ should have standing to appeal a federal court’s decision which found last year that Prop 8 did, indeed, violate the rights of California’s gay and lesbian citizens and that marriage as an institution should be available equally for same-sex couples as it is for opposite-sex couples. This ruling comes in response to a request from the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which effectively “punted” the ruling on standing to the California Supreme Court.

You’ll remember that on August 4, 2010, federal court judge Vaughn Walker, in a lawsuit brought by the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER), determined Proposition 8, which declared, “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California,” was unconstitutional.

AFER announced via Twitter, “Calif. Supreme Court to hear Prop8 case with expedited schedule. Oral arguments as soon as Sept 2011.”

Since California’s then-Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and that state’s Secretary of State, both named as the defendants, refused to appeal the case, “Yes On 8,” also known as, the group which sponsored Prop 8, demanded to be awarded standing, allowing them to appeal Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling.
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