Devastating California Wildfire Ravages 40 Homes And 7,000 Acres Of Land

The fire has mostly been contained but the causes are still under investigation.

The wildfire that started on Friday in California has consumed 40 houses and burned more than 7,000 acres of land. Although firefighters have now gained an upper hand on the situation, they still don’t know when people forced to flee for their safety will be allowed home.

Around 250 people were evacuated from two small California towns of Swall Meadows and Paradise, at the eastern base of the Sierra Nevada after the fire made its way toward them.

Here are some of the devastating images of the destruction caused by the blaze, which is dubbed the “Round Fire.”

The fire started near a highway on the border of Inyo and Mono counties in eastern California.

Four injuries have been reported, although fortunately, no fatalities occurred.


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California is suffering from a three-year drought, which means the dried up bushes and timber must have fueled the flames. However, the exact cause of the fire is yet unknown and under investigation by the authorities.

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