"Cameron Hints Troops Could Leave Afghanistan Next Year"

"David Cameron today vowed British soldiers would not stay in Afghanistan a 'day longer than is necessary' in a further hint they could start coming home next year.The Prime Minister declared the current year 'vital' for the operation but warned the terror threat would rise if troops suddenly withdrew from the region.He stressed: 'I want to bring them home the moment it is safe to do so', although he stressed it was still not yet the right time.The latest suggestion of withdrawal came after Liam Fox warned the Government would have to act 'ruthlessly and without sentiment' to make defence cuts.Mr Cameron's address to the Commons followed his first visit to Afghanistan as PM last week but its timing will also take the sting out of the brutal warning about savings.'This year is the vital year. We have the forces we need on the ground,' the Prime Minister told MPs.But he added: 'I do not pretend it will be easy' and warned there would be further casualties over the summer as the Taliban f