Cameron Visits British Troops In Afghanistan

David Cameron has been forced to cancel a visit to a forward British military base in Afghanistan amid concerns of a possible Taliban attack. A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: "We can confirm that there was a change to the Prime Minister's original visit schedule today. Afghanistan is a dynamic operational environment and as a result changes are made to schedules at the last minute." The base was in an area which was previously an insurgent stronghold and which was heavily contested in the recent Operation Moshtarak offensive in central Helmand. The PM warned that the international coalition in Afghanistan was facing a "vital year" as he made his first visit to the country. Mr Cameron acknowledged that the public needed to see "real and noticeable and marked" progress in the coming months if they were to continue to support the mission. He announced that he was providing an additional £67 million to counter the threat of deadly roadside bombs or IEDs.