Campaign Logo Released: Is Jeb Ashamed of Being a Bush?

Jeb Bush’s 2016 campaign logo is missing one thing – his last name.

jeb bush campaign

Jeb Bush tweeted out his new campaign logo on Sunday, and he apparently did not think his last name was necessary to include.

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The omission is certainly unusual. Is it an attempt to rebrand himself? Is he trying to differentiate himself from his older brother? Could be, since George W. Bush was shown to be the most unpopular president in U.S. history by a CNN poll

Whatever the reason, the logo is not very original, as pointed out by Washington Post reporter Robert Costa.

Despite the inevitable jokes about Jeb forgetting his last name, the logo is probably a smart move. Jeb Bush will have a hard time making his own image, since assumptions will no doubt be made about his politics, based on his brother’s. And it doesn’t help that the former president has recently been headlining Jeb Bush’s eventsSo, if Bush wants to make a name for himself, he should probably make more of an effort to separate himself from his brother.

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