Canada Need Not Worry About "The Arab-Killing Joker"

Incidents of backlash against Muslims in Canada continue in the wake of Paris attacks as an Islamophobe is arrested in Montreal.

Canadian Man Joker

A man wearing a mask of Batman’s arch-nemesis, the Joker, was arrested in Montreal, Canada, after threatening to kill Muslims in a disturbing online video.

In the YouTube clip, which has since been removed, the man targeted Canada’s Muslim and Arab communities, vowing to take one Arab or Muslim down starting next week for every week across the province of Quebec.

Canadian Man Joker

The terrifying man, while brandishing a gun, implied in the video that he had a group of like-minded people with him to do his bidding.

People took to Twitter to denounce and mock the man for his hate speech and the terror he poses to the people of Canada in general.

Recent attacks in Paris have given rise to backlash against Muslim communities in Canada. Just a few days ago in Toronto, a Muslim woman was assaulted right outside her children’s school in what seemed to be a reprisal for the Paris attacks.

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