Cancer Charities Spend Millions On Luxury Cruises

Attorney generals from all 50 U.S. states allege that four cancer charities are a sham.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, four cancer charities conned $187 million from donors -- only 2% of which went to actual cancer patients. 

The act of giving should be a spiritually rewarding experience for the donor. But when charity organizations are deceptive and greedy, not only are patients being deprived of likely better healthcare, potential donors are discouraged to give to those in need. 

CNN reported that while all four charity branches declined to comment on the accusations, they did claim the organizations functioned to provide direct support to "cancer patients, breast cancer patients, and children with cancer."

The federal complaint alleges that is a lie. 

"Donated funds were used to pay for vehicles, personal consumer goods, college tuition, gym memberships, jet ski outings, dating website subscriptions, luxury cruises, and tickets to concerts and professional sporting events," the complaint said. 


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