Car Bob Explosion Leaves 9 Injured In Colombian Capital

A car packed with 50kgs of explosives blew up in an office district of Colombia's capital Bogota. The blast occurred early on Thursday outside a 12-storey building housing Caracol Radio, the Spanish news agency EFE and the Ecuadorean consulate, as well as the offices of several politicians and banks. The blast shattered windows in at least 30 buildings, smashed the facade of a bank and left scraps of the destroyed car scattered in the street. At least nine people were injured but there were no deaths. Most of those hurt had been on a bus that was passing by as the bomb exploded, officials said. Colombia's new president Juan Manuel Santos hurried to the scene and branded the explosion "a terrorist act," adding: "This reminds us that we cannot lower our guard for the democratic security." Mr Santos' predecessor Alvaro Uribe's tough tactics sharply weakened the leftist guerrilla groups that have fought the government for decades.