Car Bomb Attack On Yemeni Convoy


ADEN, Yemen — A car bomber rammed a police station before blowing himself up and wounding three officers in Yemen's main southern city of Aden, which is hosting a football tournament, witnesses said on Sunday.

"The driver of the car attempted to barge through the entry of the police station, but he failed" and the vehicle exploded, said a resident in Aden's Al-Mindara district, where the attack occurred on Saturday night.

Aden was targetted by several bomb attacks ahead of the two-week Gulf Cup football tournament which began on Monday and involves Yemen, Iraq and six Gulf states.

Twin explosions on October 11 killed three people and wounded many others at a sports centre in the Sheikh Othman area of Aden, and security forces thwarted another bomb attack in the city about two weeks later.

On November 16, the separatist Southern Movement vowed to try to disrupt the 20th Gulf Cup, urging its supporters to single out the match cities of Aden and Zinjibar, capital of neighbouring Abyan province.

In addition to a growing Al-Qaeda threat and the southern separatist movement, Yemen, the poorest country in the Arab world, faces a sporadic revolt by Zaidi Shiites in the north.

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