Carly Fiorina’s Answer To Anti-Muslim Voter Is Spot On

Carly Fiorina kept it classy in her response to a bigoted question from a man in Iowa who said Muslims should “take your camel and beat it.”

Carly Fiorina has an important lesson for Donald Trump – and other presidential candidates, for that matter – next time someone asks a bigoted question about Muslims.

During a campaign session in Spencer, Iowa, Fiorina faced a completely racist and Islamophobic question by a prospective voter.

“The Muslims are really raising heck right now,” the audience member said. “They want to change our whole country to suit them. If they don’t like the United States, get out of here. Take your camel and beat it!”

Instead of agreeing with the man’s disgustingly racist views or ignoring them, the Republican aspirant took on the query and set a brilliant example for her rivals on how they should deal with such situations with her reply.

“Well, you know people are so frustrated and angry with the immigration situation. Let me say, that one of the most important things that about this nation is that we judge people as individuals ... So I’m not willing to condemn any group of people. I’m willing to judge each individual.”

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Unlike Trump, who didn’t bother to criticize a rally attendee for asking a similarly xenophobic question about the Muslim community, and Ben Carson, who continues to stigmatize Islam to appease supporters, Fiorina proved there’s a better approach in tackling such issues.

While it’s a good thing that she refused to agree with the man, it’s even better that she didn’t dismiss it altogether. Her answer makes perfect sense. Instead of tarring all Muslims with the same brush of extremism and radicalism, one should try to understand them as individuals. In fact, no race, religion or ethnicity should be judged based on the actions of a few fanatics.

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Although Fiorina soared in the polls initially, her fall – curiously – has been as rapid as her rise. As per the most recent polls she is down to 6 percent support (CBS, Oct. 4-8) from 15 percent (CNN, Sept. 17-19).

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