Man Ordered To Pay $30K In Child Support – But He's Not The Father

This has to be the most bizarre child support case ever.

The video by WXYZ-TV ABC 7 Detroit has a mind-boggling story.

Michigan is ordering Detroit resident Carnell Alexander to pay approximately $30,000 in back child support. Failing to do so will land him in jail.

There’s only one problem – the child isn’t his.

He says he didn’t father the child. The DNA test proves it. The mother of the child says he is not the father.

But guess what? That doesn’t absolve him from anything!

So when he says, “I feel like I’m standing in front of a brick wall with nowhere to go,” he is not exaggerating at all.

So what happened?

His ex-girlfriend put his name on welfare benefits papers saying he was the father of her child.  He was told by the police in 1991 that he was wanted for not paying child support. He had apparently "fathered" a child in 1978.

When he demanded a DNA test, the court told him it was too late for one as too much time had passed and he knowingly ignored a court order requiring him to pay support and that he should have raised the issue when that order was given to him.

It seems that in the late ’80s, a process server signed a document alleging that the court order was delivered to Alexander at his father’s house and that he refused to sign it. Alexander had no idea of any such summons and claims that he was in prison during that time and could not have received any such papers at his father’s house – his claim is backed by the Michigan Department of Corrections.

The mother of the child, who did not want her identity revealed in the video, says she didn’t want any trouble for Alexander.

“I had to turn to welfare to get assistance… and I had to put him down as the father. That was the only way I could get assistance… He shouldn’t have to pay it at all. I want everything to go away for him so he can go on with his life.”

She even requested the court to relinquish the paternity claim; the court followed through but he still has to pay back the government’s welfare contributions made on his behalf.

Now where is this man’s fault in all of this mess?

He doesn’t know. The look on his face says it all. He, however, plans to keep on fighting until he is deemed free from the responsibility of paying anything.

In all fairness, he shouldn’t have to but only time will tell what lies ahead for this poor man.

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