Catholic School Fires Teacher Victim of Domestic Violence Calling Her A Threat To Students (VIDEO)


Disturbing news has emerged about a domestic violence victim who was a teacher in a Catholic school in California. She was fired from her job because the institute felt her ‘presence was a threat to other students and teachers.’

Carie Charlesworth narrated her woes to KNSD that she had been an employee at Holy Trinity School in San Diego for almost 14 years and had to lose her job because her ex-husband’s abusive behavior posed risk to other people around her.

They’ve taken away my ability to care for my kids,” said Charlesworth in her interview. “It’s not like I can go out and find a teaching job anywhere.”

She said that she had to take leaves after being abused at home and it was then when the school came to know about her situation. She continued, “Basically, we’d had a very bad weekend with him, we’d called the sheriff’s department three times on Sunday with him.”

One day Charlesworth’s husband came to the school which caused the authorities to call for a lockdown. Following that incident, the teacher and her four kids, who went to that school, were put on ‘an indefinite leave.’

And that’s what it felt like, the kids and I were being punished for something we didn’t even do,” lamented Carie Charlesworth. “I mean, that’s why women of domestic violence don’t come forward, because they’re afraid of the way people are going to see them, view them, perceive them, treat them.”

And she is quite right. The school’s approach should have been the exact opposite of what happened. A woman already going through the trauma of being abused by her partner ought to be supported, both emotionally and financially. By firing her from her job, the school authorities have only added to her woes. No wonder why women spend years and years in abusive relationships.

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