Now You’ll Know Why Cats Are Obsessed With Boxes

A doctor’s insight sheds light on cats’ obsessions with boxes.

Cats are perhaps the oddballs of domesticated pets. The much-loved house pets are considered moody creatures who are quintessentially weird, selfish and yet adorable.

One of their quirkier tendencies is to habitually land themselves in boxes, which is something of a mystery to their human friends. Dr. Stephen Zawistowki of ASPCA has shed some light on the matter.

Evidently, felines seek comfort in closed spaces. The attraction to boxes comes from wanting a place to hide for the sake of security and comfort. They can watch the world go by because the boxes are usually open from one side. So in between their 20,000 naps, they might decide to jump out at whatever they deem interesting or worthy.

Watch the video for a fully detailed explanation.

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