One Of The Most Useless Internet Habits Can Now Help Fight Cancer

If you are one of those people who love watching cat videos but feel rather useless for wasting precious amount of time on the Internet, then here’s something really amazing for you.

Cat Videos Cancer

Finally, cat videos have been put to good use.

You can now gape at your favorite Siamese hugging the lazy sloth on YouTube guilt-free because you will be doing it for a noble cause.

Created by Georgetown University graduates Tom O’Connor and Eddie Peña, “Cats vs. Cancer” is a nonprofit charity that seeks to capitalize on the online popularity of cat videos and memes.

“The more visitors and [the more] popular we get, the more advertising dollars we can raise each month to help fight cancer,” says Peña. “We aren’t asking for individuals to donate their money, we just want them to donate their time by enjoying our site and coming back often… but if they’re feeling super-generous, they can always hit the ‘donate meow!’ button.

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Co-founder Tom O’Connor came up with the idea when he observed how crowdfunding and charity projects work on the Internet. “You can ask anyone you know and they can probably name someone close to them who’s been affected by cancer, so it’s an important cause to us. But we realized we love charities that help you have a good time while also doing something good for others.”

Although Cats vs. Cancer was launched on Dec. 1, they’ve been working on the website since 2012. Peña and O’Connor explain how people can help donate to cancer charities:

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