Celeb Snapper Casts Lens Over Everyday Folk

"The Rankin Live installation aims to incorporate a cross-section of British society. Having photographed some of the most famous people in the world - from airbrushing out the Queens wrinkles to being responsible for a drawn and tired looking cover shot of Tony Blair during the Iraq war - his pictures have often caused a stir. This latest collection of his works incorporates many famous faces, along with the shots of your average person on the street, and will be displayed in London from Thursday evening. Although the idea had never originally been about giving people their 15 minutes of fame, it has in some ways provided those taking part with that. Rankin Live The pictures will be displayed in the same gallery as some of the worlds most recognisable faces, and as Rankin told Sky News: ""Theres definitely a sense of wanting to have a picture of yourself thats similar to people that are famous."" Meanwhile, while most of us are familiar with that old adage, the camera never