‘Celebrity Boxer’ Attacks Protester Who Called Trump A ‘Fascist’

On Monday night, the self-described “celebrity boxer” Todd “The Punisher” Poulton jumped on an activist who called the presidential candidate a “fascist."

Yet another instance of violence has broken out at a Donald Trump rally, making the supporters' concerning aggressive behavior almost routine for Trump events. 

On Monday night, the self-described “celebrity boxer” Todd “The Punisher” Poulton jumped on an activist who shouted “fascist” at the Republican presidential candidate during his rant over the local Union Leader newspaper endorsing Chris Christie over him for president.

Poulton is best known for fighting baseball star Jose Cunesco and sparring with former heavyweight champion James “Bonecrusher” Smith.

Poulton can be seen in the video pouncing on the long-haired, unidentified protestor and slamming him down into the chairs. Trump then leads the crowd in chanting “USA” as the activist is escorted out of the rally.

Instead of Trump condemning his supporters’ disturbing trend of violence, the vile “politician” makes the incident about him and the media’s reaction to how he handles his fans’ forceful outbursts.

“Whenever that happens, they [the media] make that the big story,” Trump said describing how the media framed his first response to the violence as “brutal” and his second response as weak. Instead of Trump narrowing in on how the violence will affect him, he should start considering how the attacks are hurting others and stifling free speech and perpetuating racism. While the news might paint him as the slimy devil he is, Trump's real concern should be how his potential voters’ actions damage his campaign — not how the news might spotlight him.

Trump supporters’ continuous grotesque behavior proves that the only thing scarier than the “fascist” as president are the people backing him. 

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