CEO Who Kicked The Living Daylights Out His Dog Escapes With a Paltry Fine

A lot of animal lovers feel he got off a little easy? Did he?

des hague

Des Hague, the ex-CEO of catering company Centerplate has been handed a fine of $5,000 and barred for three years from owning a pet animal after he pleaded guilty to animal cruelty.

The disgraced businessman drew the ire of animal lovers all over the world after CCTV footage of him kicking a frightened puppy five times surfaced online. The video, which was shot in August 2014, further showed him flinging the feline up through its leash.

Considering the intensity of Hague's outburst, he would've received even greater punishment, but he has already resigned from his job out of guilt as well as been disciplined by the company he headed. He has reportedly donated $100,000 of his money to animal welfare and said he was sorry for what he did to his pet.

As a result, Judge Frances Howard felt that Hague has already faced "enormous collateral consequences" for his actions and gave him a lighter sentence.

After hearing the verdict, a remorseful Hague said: "Clearly this is something I am very, very sorry about. I can assure the court these incidents will never happen, ever again."

The lighter punishment didn't sit well with animal rights activists, who swiftly expressed their disappointment.

Hague was reportedly making $4.5 million a year as the Centerplate CEO, and for him to get away with just a $5,000 fine, it does seem he got a great deal.

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