Change Please Is Reducing Homelessness, One Coffee At A Time

Change Please is a new coffee brand that has been created in order to employ the homeless.

change please coffee

Early morning coffee is a necessity in order for thousands of individuals to function, but how much better would it feel if just by having your latte you were helping make a difference?

The Big Issue, a foundation for the homeless that provides them with opportunities for livelihood, has partnered with Old Spike Roastery and established a new coffee brand: Change Please. The goal of the company is to provide hand roasted, ethically-sourced coffee from coffee carts operated by people living on the streets.

Change Please pays their baristas and workers the minimum wage (£9.15) in hopes of allowing them to earn enough wages to eventually get them off the streets. Within the next month, the coffee carts will be launched all across the U.K., although they are currently only in London.

The founder of Change Please, Cemal Ezel, has described his thought process behind the idea: “There are so many homeless people in London that have a wide variety of skills, and we felt that we could enhance these skills, and help train them as baristas. Coffee is a natural medium to do that, as it’s part of people’s daily routine.”

It’s an admirable goal, and one that has garnered support and gratitude from the homeless; Liam Mulligan, a 19-year-old, views this as his “salvation.” He expresses that it “feels fantastic to be earning a living wage. It’s good to do something productive with my time. At the moment it’s definitely making a big impact on my life.”

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @BigIssue

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