Channel Deletes Video Of Local Cop Shouting At Old Man After Public Outcry (VIDEO)


There are many ‘angry’ cop videos out there but not all of them are deleted by news channels from their websites. The video above is a controversial footage of a police man yelling at an old person over a petty car parking issue, assumingly in Virginia, when a reporter and cameraman from WVNS 59 intervened in a rather unpleasant manner.

According to the description provided on YouTube, “it was recorded and posted by WVNS 59 on their website and Facebook; when the news came on for the evening the video was edited so as the old man seemed uncontrollable and was in the wrong. If you listen at around 1:52 it sounds like the officer seems to say something along the lines of ‘turn the camera off because if he gets out again I’m going to kill him.’”

While some people think that the cop was wrong to have overreacted, there are some who are of the opinion that the cop was just doing his job.

Here are some comments from Reddit, the microblogging site where the video went viral a while ago:

notsenedwards writes, “I didn't see anything wrong with this cop's behavior. Yes, he yelled when the guy didn't initially comply, but that's because cops' lives are in danger everyday so they're constantly on edge. Once he saw that he wasn't in danger, the cop chilled out and calmly have the guy all the information he asked for. I agree that the reporter and cameraman acted scummy, but the cop really wasn't out of line.

Also, whether or not the cop's lights were on is completely irrelevant.”

MrZwey comments, “The guy got out of his car because he reached his destination. You can see the look of surprise on his face when the officer asks him to get back in his vehicle. The first words out of the officers mouth to the man were just stupid. 'Sir have a seat in your vehicle I'll be up to speak to you.' What?!

Also, why were the video crew going along with him? To interview people who got tickets from a recently passed law? Why were they then justifying the officers actions and basically lying to his face when he said that the officer handled the situation poorly? Very strange.”

thatonedude_j says, “I feel bad for thisguy. Those two reporters were d***s too, hopefully they got in trouble.”

Turns out, the reporters are majorly the ones at fault, at least for the viewers. Probably that’s why it went offline.

Watch the video above and tell us who do you think is at fault here.

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