Charlie Crist Expected To Run As An Independent In Florida Senate Race

Florida Governor Charlie Crist is expected to announce tomorrow that he will drop out the Republican primary for Senate against Marco Rubio and instead run as an independent.If that does indeed come true, here are eight questions that political analysts and others will want to know next:1. Does he describe himself as an independent Republican, or does he disavow his party? Does he brand himself like Joe Lieberman did -- someone who remains faithful to the core principles of his party but bemoans the fact that the party has gone away from him?2. Who runs the campaign? A mass exodus of staffers are expected, and it'll be hard to find any prominent Republican or Democratic consulting firm in Florida that would take Crist on as a client. He has $7 million in the bank, which may be enough financial motivation to lure bipartisan firms into the mix. But Crist will NOT have his pick of the best consultants, and he will be losing the services of one the GOP's top pollsters, Glen Bolger.3. Does