Charlie Hebdo: Has #KillAllMuslims Triumphed Over #IllRideWithYou?

The reprisal to the attacks could be as evil as terrorism.

Je suis Charlie

There is no “good reason” to kill innocent people. Period.

What happened this week in Paris is indeed tragic. A massacre as brutal as the terrorist attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo can in no way be justified.

However, what’s equally tragic is the reaction from some people that is as hateful as terrorism itself.

Is it really sensible to fight fire with fire? Should all Muslims suffer for the crimes of a handful of depraved radicals? Does this make sense?

Of course not.

Almost a day into the attack on Charlie Hebdo, several Islamic targets were struck by violence. The Guardian reported that three grenades hit a mosque in Le Mans, in the early hours of Thursday while in Aude, southern France, two gunshots were fired at an empty prayer room. A Muslim family was shot at in the car in the Vaucluse region of southern France. In Villefranche-sur-Saône, an explosion blew out the windows of a kebab shop next door to the town mosque.

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The backlash was expected.

In fact, it may sound a little weird, but Muslims all over the world have gotten used to this drill where they prepare for reprisal attacks whenever a criminal, who happens to profess the same religion as them, decides to murder people.

Just last month, Muslims in Australia braced for retaliatory violence after an Iranian self-styled sheik killed two people and injured four others during a 17-hour siege in Sydney. Things were really not looking good but what happened later was not just a heartwarming gesture but an inspiration for all of humanity.

Everyday Australians initiated a hashtag #IllRideWithYou on Twitter offering to ride on buses and trains with Muslims who feared reprisal attacks. The campaign not only took the Internet but also the world by storm.

Following the Charlie Hebdo shooting, many expected – or at least hoped for – a similar show of solidarity in France.

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However, this is what happened instead:

Charlie Hebdo shooting

Charlie Hebdo shooting

Charlie Hebdo shooting

Charlie Hebdo shooting

The anger behind the tweets mentioned above is understandable but wrong nonetheless. It’s also ironic since it’s now a well-known fact that around 90 percent of the victims of these “Islamic” terrorists are Muslims – and this caricature, sent as a response under the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie, brilliantly illustrates the point.

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Also, let’s not forget Ahmed Merabet, the French-Muslim cop who was one of the victims of the Charlie Hebdo shooting. Although he raised his arms in surrender, he was killed because that’s what terrorists like to do.

They spread violence, hatred and, of course, terror. However, eventually it’s really up to us – the people of the world – to decide if we want to help them by reacting with more violence, hatred and terror.

In the end, it’s really up to us.

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